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Water Maiden, composed from color pencil, marker, and ink, by Abigail Tembreull

Water Maiden

By Abigail Tembreull Water Maiden, composed from color pencil, marker, and ink, was created in response to the Copper Country Community Arts Center’s annual Kalevala exhibit. The exhibit boasts fantastical images inspired by the National epic of Finland. The show coincides with Hancock, Michigan’s Heikinpaiva festival, where the area’s remarkably concentrated Finnish heritage and culture is celebrated. Thus, in the spirit of Heikinpaiva, the C.C.C.A.C. asks artists to illustrate a favored rune from the Kalevala. In the beginning of the…

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by Lesley Darling Gustavus Adolphus College Luffare. While in a course on sustainable living, I wandered through the Swedish countryside with a group of wonderful, easy-livin’ Swedes. Rather than list the numbers, facts, and statistical quotes about my time, I want to say that the people I spent my time with sought something different, something overlooked. Our patchwork group included meat-eaters and vegans, farmhands, butterfly-catching birdwatchers, and Stockholm dwellers. We were the alternative set, the wanderers, the seekers, the land-folk.…

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61 Degrees

By Lesley Darling Gustavus Adolphus College How does one take qualitative human experience and chart it? How does one quantify emotion? After an eight-month course on sustainable living in rural Sweden, I returned to my Midwestern undergraduate career both illuminated and disenchanted. Inspired and actualized through my land-living life in Sweden, I felt disillusioned by the systematic reality I faced here in America. I wanted to be back on the land, living intentionally. At the same time, I knew that…

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