Feasibility, Ethics and Consequences of the Technological Advancements in Society

By Michelle Peterson University of Wisconsin–Madison Published in 1969, Freezing Down introduces readers to the unique and futuristic life of a fiction editor named Bruno. Living in a time with technological advancements, individuals can choose to be “frozen down,” a process in which their lives are essentially frozen in time, stopped, and later awoken at a time they specify beforehand. The exact time may be when a specific medical procedure has been developed, a new technology is available, or other…

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"Bananna Park 2012, Nørrebro, Copenhagen" by Tiws from (CC BY 2.0)

In Copenhagen: An Honor Code for Life

By Alex Moreno Bowdoin College There were twenty-four of us in the class, and as we pulled up to the first attraction on our bike tour, Norrebro’s BaNanna Park, two girls towards the end of the line decided that the best way to stop was to drag their toes along the concrete. They bumped and tottered to a halt in their pink helmets, and I watched their mouths form tiny O’s as the bicycles struck back and plummeted to the…

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Pride Flag by Sasel13

Continually Striving for Sexual Equality in Denmark

By Cori Garrett University of Wisconsin–Madison Scandinavian countries have been global leaders in the race for social equality during the past two and half centuries, through the establishment of universal suffrage for women and the beginning of wage equality in Scandinavia prior to World War II. The granting of equality for women, the largest minority group in Scandinavia at this time, opened up the opportunity for other marginalized groups to advance their fight for universal equality. One group or community…

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Trees are Like People, They Do Not Like To Be Alone: Jens Jensen

By Ryan Gesme University of Wisconsin–Madison Architecture is more than just designing buildings; it is also about the landscaping. One of the most influential landscape architects was Jens Jensen. Jensen was a unique American landscape architect because of his Danish identity and background which he showed by exhibiting a Danish style in the public parks and private homes he designed in the Midwestern region of the United States. In analyzing Jensen’s life, I will illustrate how his Danish upbringing influenced…

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